Facebook and Paraeducators

Are there any Facebook users out there?

Facebook is an online social network where over 50 million (and growing) users go to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances. The National Resource Center for Paraprofessionals has created a presence on Facebook for anyone who is interested to keep track of what we are doing and find other paraprofessionals online. There are two different ways to plug in to the National Resource Center on Facebook:

  • First of all, visit our NRCP Fan Page. This is our public presence on Facebook, you can stop by to take a look whether you use Facebook or not. For those of you who are already registered, please consider becoming a fan of the site- you won't regret it!
  • We have also created a NRCP Facebook Application that you can add to your personal profile to get your NRCP news from within Facebook.

This is a little bit of a new thing for us so we are interested to find out if this is a helpful service. For those of you who don't use Facebook, you can also this NRCP "Widgit" where you can access your content from Facebook, MySpace, iGoogle or any other number of tools.



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