Where can I find local resources about becoming a paraeducator?

Where can I find local resources about becoming a paraeducator

It depends on your state but may involve a number of steps.

  • Typically jobs are posted by individual school districts. You can obtain a list of districts and their contact information from your state office of education’s website. If you don’t know what that is or don’t have access to the internet just call a local school and ask for the web address or telephone number. Jobs are typically posted on-line or at the district office. Check with the Human Resource Director in the district of interest for specific job listings.
  • Jobs will often be posted according to specific programs such as “special education, Title 1, ESL, 504, etc.” Keep in mind that many jobs (especially Title 1 positions) will require you to have an associate degree or 2 year’s of education at a college or university or ask you to pass a test to prove that you are ‘highly qualified” before they will hire you. Each state is different so be sure to ask what the hiring policy is when you are considering a particular job.
  • Also, consider asking for help on the regional discussions section of our message board for your specific state.



Hello, I took my paraprofessional test about 2 or3 years ago, and I never did receive my license or anything from the stste. Who do I call to find about getting it? Please send the info to my email address. Kalee_maloree2005@yahoo.com thank you!!! susan miller

Contact your state offices

As per the instructions above, I would suggest that you contact your State Office of Education. You can find a list here or here. Good luck!


I would like to get more information for the State of Louisiana for becoming a paraprofessional.

Becoming a Paraprofessional


I have taken the Paraprofessional test and have passed, plus I have a college degree. What should be my next step in getting a job in NYC school area?

Thank you

Contact your local school system!

What you would now need to do my friend is contact the school system in which you work or live and then after that you would need to ask them their website address. On the school district's website they should have what positions are available and you should be able to apply or be given instructions on how to apply?

I have a great desire to

I have a great desire to help students with special needs, I am currently one year away from my bachlor's degree in education and would like to know how can I get started as a para in my choosen field right now.