Paraprofessional Assesment Test for Instructional Assistants

I understand there is a test or an assesment out there somwhere that an instructional assistant can take to see if they are qualified to be an assistant in a Title I School or Program. If you have an address or phone number for this information I would really appreciate it. Is there a study guide for this test?


para test for state of Texas

Does any know if there is a test that can be taken here in Texas and what are the requirements for taking the test?

Greetings, I am searching

Greetings, I am searching for information regarding the paraprofessiona assessment practice assessment. I am scheduled to take the test August 8th, and I am requesting study materials. Previously I was certified through the Glynn County school system, but since have not taken the new test required through the state of Georgia psc Thank you for any information regarding this matter.

hi  i need some practice para


 i need some practice para pro tests here. i'm living in az and taking the test on june 28, 2011. thank you vikki howard

do the they have a web site

do the they have a web site that can us study for the test

If I take the test in florida will it be accredited in georgia?

I am getting ready to take the parapro test in florida but I might be moving up to georgia shortly, does anyone know if the tests are the same or will be accepted in another state? If anyone can help please write back. thank you

Hello, is this PAT

Hello, is this PAT requirement for Title I or similar program only, or is it for all Paraprofessionals? All my years I have been employed as a In-School Suspension Aide, I have my Educational Aide III Certification.

Just curious what this consist of.

Thank you

Hi, I am an australian

Hi, I am an australian wondering about the para professional test.  I completed High School, and did a two year college course (which the college back in Australia has sinced closed down).  What do I need to do this test, and can it be taken online.  Thanks.

I live in Northern VA, and am

I live in Northern VA, and am interested in considering and taking whatever certification examinations are necessary. Could you please send me information and direction that I can use in my quest.

Thank you,

Al Gabriel 

Para Pro Assessment

I recently learned that a Paraprofessional Praxi is equivalent to 2 years of college. Can you substitute teach using the results of this test?

Is there a web site you can

Is there a web site you can go on to get a study guide or something to help you know whats on the test?

Paraprofessional Test and Study Materials Available

Our nonprofit consortium of schools provides a test and test preparation materials. The test is available through membership but the test preparation materials are free at Click on Links and then scroll down to Test Taking Practice. A detailed tutorial is free with membership. You can also visit the Resources area and click on Test Preparation Materials for Applicants. We provide unlimited testing with our yearly membership. Membership is open to all public educational agencies and subscriptions are available to afterschool providers. Visit our site or call 714-374-8644 for more information.

Hello, I live in NY and am


I live in NY and am currently working as a paraprofessional. I took the ATAS and received my certification. I am planning on moving to Florida Broward County or Orange County and would like to find out if I need to take the Parapro assesment or if the ATAS equals this certification. If it is not equivalent is there a way that I can take the Parapro here in NY?

Paraprofessional assestment test

when and were can i take the exam to become a certified paraprofessional.

where do i have to go to take

where do i have to go to take the para pro asseaament test in louisiana

Hello I would like to know


I would like to know Where can I get the dates for the paraprofessional test ?
I live in Roselle NJ.


I would like information on

I would like information on the para test for Texas and where I can get study materials.  

Florida CDAE

I just renew my CDAE and this will let me be a VPK lead teacher in a private school. I being working for my county in a public school for about 20 years without stoping.My CDAE is approved by Florida DOE and the Department of Children and Families . My question .. Is this certificate that is active from 2008 -2013 will meet the paraprofessional certified requierments? just to work at least as a certified paraprofessional in the Title 1 public school. Please let me know. Thank You. M.C.

I live in Ny and took the

I live in Ny and took the ATAS, which is the exam for paras. I passed and now I am interested in gettin my certification, how do i go about doing that?

Test or Certification

I now work for an elementary school and have been working for about 13 years as an computer lab aide. I have a BS/BA and would like to know if I need to get certification in technology before I can get a rise. I do not want to become a certified teacher because I like want I do now. I like working with children and not have to go through all of the other things teachers have to go though. I would like more money for what I do.

para test

I live in georgia and am taking the test Aug 4 any ideas on study guides?

where is the test being given?

i just moved from new jersey and i want to take the test for paraproffesional.i have 19 years experience but never took the test can anyone help me achieve this goal??help would be much appreciated it

I just moved to FL where can

I just moved to FL where can i take a paraprofessional test and when? any help would be nice. thanks

I am studying to take the

I am studying to take the test soon. I am worried even though I have taken 2 practice tests through the Praxis II: parapro test and have passed with scores above the recommended 460 for the state of Utah. I am worried that these practice test are nothing like the real thing. Do you know if they are?

Hello I need information on

Hello I need information on the Para Test for PreK assistant ASAp. I am a sub for brevard county and I'm very interested in this test. I'd like to take this test Asap! Your promp attention is appreciated!!

Anticipation of testing

I live in Indiana and have been working as a substitute teacher and need the para pro test. How do you stdy for this? What is the cost of this?

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Pete, You didn't indicate

You didn't indicate where you moved to....So, before you take a test check with your state office of education or your district Title 1 director to determine if you need to take a test and if so, which one has been approved for your state. Many states have selected the ParaPro by ETS but some states have selected other tests, created their own assessment measure or developed portfolios as an assessment option. Check to make sure your efforts and your time are not wasted. Your district can typically give you directions on how to register and take the necessary test.

I am assuming you want to work in a Title 1 school or have been working in a Title 1 school. It wasn't clear in your post.
Hope this helps.

Marilyn Likins
Director, NRCP
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Para test

I plan to take the parapro test this summer 2008. Can you direct me to a study guide for Georgia? Do you have any suggestions for someone currently studing for the test. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

i have eighteen years

i have eighteen years experience and never took the test either maybe we help each other

the course is about 45-90

the course is about 45-90 dollars,that's what i heard

Paraprofessional Test for teacher assistant

I need to take the test in columbia south carolina do you know of a study guide for the Paraprofessional test for teacher assistant?
Thank you.

National passing score vs state by state score preferences?

I am currently researching the requirements for paraprofessionals and it appears that each state may choose an acceptable score. Educational Testing Services is the provider of the text. Perhaps experience of at least 3 or 5 years in one state would supercede the need to match the new state's cutoff score in the event you did not meet it?

In California you have to

In California you have to have a BA or BS degree and pass the CBEST test in order to sub as a teacher. Hopes this helps.. Every state may have different requirements so check it out.

Did you take the para pro

Did you take the para pro test on Aug. 4th?? If so how was it and did you study with a study guide??

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To find information about

To find information about where you can take the Para Pro by Educational Testing Services (ETS) you need to go to the ETS website. See below.
Copy and paste the address above into your browser and it will take you to the ETS parapro website. There is a "Frequently Asked Question" section that should answer many of your questions.
The fee for the test is $45.00 and you sign up to take it at a location close to you in Florida. It contains 90 questions and requires approximately 2 1/2 hrs to complete.
If you have other questions, just e-mail me directly at
Good luck.

Marilyn Likins
Director, NRCP
6526 Old Main Hill
Utah State University
Logan, UT 84322-6526

Did you get an answer? What

Did you get an answer? What was the answer?

 I move from chester Pa to

 I move from chester Pa to Palm Bay Fl I would like to take a parapro test here in Palm Bay Fl if you have an information the center test can you write back to me please.thank you

Para pro assessment tent study guide

Hi, I have a number for ordering the para pro study guide. The guide is published by ETS the same company doing the test. The only thing is the guide will not be available till end of Febuary. The phone number is 1-800-537-3161. They are open from 8 am to 7 pm. The guide is $25.00. Good luck on the test. Do you know of anyone who has taken it yet? If you ever hear how it is maybe you could post about it. Thanks

Paraprofessional Assesment Test for Instructional Assistants

What state do you all come from. I'm in So. Florida and there is talk of a Para Pro Test by 2005. I took a Teacher Assistant certification course last summer before I new about all this. Paid $800+. Now find out it was possibly wasted. Judie :?


Has anybody in florida taken the teacher assistnat test yet? I have heard that there is one, but can't find out about it. I live in Brevard County, and would very much like to take it. Thank you, Paula :?:

Competency test

We are implementing a parapro competency test here in WA, we were told that our test will be 90 multiple choice questions and take an average of 2 hrs. to complete. We are also able to make a portfolio, that proves our competency, but have not seen a rubric or sample as of yet, has anyone out there seen anything that might help with that?

Paraprofessional Test

Visit for more information about our test and test preparation materials. We are a nonprofit consortium of schools. We do not charge per candidate and the tutorial is included in our low $1,750 fee. We also provide Interviews and Writing Exercises.

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Hello, The test you are

The test you are taking in Washington is tied directly to Washington's State Standards. In other states they either have a state-specific test or many are signing up to take the PARAPRO Assessment by Educational Testing Services (ETS). You have to sign up for that particular test online at . Some districts/states are paying for the test but others are not.
It is important to inquire within your state or district to determine what assessment they are recommending.

Marilyn Likins
Director, NRCP
6526 Old Main Hill
Utah State University
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Portfolios are a great way to

Portfolios are a great way to go as they honor paraeducators training and experience versus taking a

test such as the ParaPro.  Utah and a number of other states have portfolio assessment tied to their

Standards and knowledge & skill competencies.  You can look at it to give you an idea of how

it works and what the requirements or Lines of Evidence are in Utah.  The website is:

Just click on porfolio and related links for more information.  let me know if you have additional questions.

Marilyn Likins
Director, NRCP
6526 Old Main Hill
Utah State University
Logan, UT 84322-6526