Resource Manual: The Implementation of Effective Paraeducator Practices in Educational Settings

Provides "institute training to paraprofessionals on subject matter that is relative to their role in the special education system." An outline of the Idaho paraprofessional standards. See also Implementing the Idaho Paraprofessional Standards and this Idaho Paraprofessional Standards Competency Documentation Paraeducators at a rural school in Preston, Idaho. Describes the day of Katy Hook, a Title I instructional tutor at Houghtaling Elementary School. A statewide paraprofessional website with a variety of resources for Wisconsin paraprofessionals. A description of federal requirements and how New Mexico meets those requirements. Guidelines and reports on paraprofessionals. Paraprofessional Information from the Missouri National Education Association. Georgia/ESEA Paraprofessional Initiative A brief explanation of the national standards and and pathways for becoming qualified based on different scenarios. How to renew a Paraeducator Permit, a document issued by the Department that verifies an individual's qualifications and training to serve as a Title I, instructional or service paraeducator. An overview of the requirements along with some frequently asked questions. Basic information on paraeducators from the Iowa Department of Education Information on a variety of teacher assistant positions, geared towards early childhood education. A paraprofessional web site from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. A list of 14 core competencies from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Paraeducator information from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The Paraeducator Portfolio Assessment allows paraeducators to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and their ability to assist with instruction in the same areas. A listing of some Washington paraeducator training programs. A training resource for paraeducators. provides training, information and services to paraeducators and the teachers with whom they work. The site provides the tools and information needed to help districts meet state and federal mandates for paraeducators. A Center on Disability and Community Inclusion at the University of Vermont project to improve training of paraeducators to meet the needs of children with disabilities who are included in general education classrooms through model preservice and inservice programs for paraeducators and the teachers who supervise them. A table listing the four standards for Utah Instructional Paraprofessionals along with Core competencies. "The mission of the Utah Paraprofessional Consortium is to promote training and support for paraprofessionals leading to improved outcomes for children, youth and families." Provides information on trainings and services to help paraprofessionals in their jobs, as well as to help teachers acquire the skills necessary to supervise and utilize paraprofessionals. Paraeducator information from the Association of Texas Professional Educators. This program provides courses are approved for Continuing Professional Education to help meet the No Child Left Behind requirements for paraeducators. A paraeducator handbook from the Sevier County Department of Special Education. A large collection of local and national paraeducator resources. Information on professional development requirements and pre-service and in-service training opportunities and related resources. Information about a variety of South Carolina Paraeducator resources. Outlines the NRCP requirements and provides a list of accredited training programs. RI Department of Education (RIDE) Program Standards for All Teacher Assistants and Guidelines for Teacher Assistants in Specific Assignments and Guidelines for Instructional Teams, Supervision and Performance Evaluation A variety of resources for Rhode Island Teacher Assistants including information on teacher assistant related legal requirements, effective practice, and various training opportunities. A description of the requirements for all paraeducators funded by Title 1 funds. A presentation to the State Board of Education (SBE) on how the No Child Left Behind Act impacts paraprofessionals from March of 2003. Questions and answers about teacher assistants. A manual from the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction Paraeducator Task Force.


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