The Busy Life of One Paraeducator

A paraprofessional blogger and mother of three who has decided to go back to school writes about a typical day. Here is just a part of her day as she describes it:

Every weekday I get up around 5:15 am to do a paper route, then get ready for work, try to connect with my 16-year-old son before school, and arrive at work by 7:30 am. I spent the day as a Paraprofessional with Kindergartners through second graders working with the Early Intervention Reading program...

Her day goes on from there. Anyone else willing to share their daily schedule in the comments?

Time can be my greatest friend and worst enemy...

Also, if you haven't seen the video explaining what paraeducators do, it is still available. If you have family or friends who wonder what it is that you do, this video might be the answer!