Utah Paraeducator Honored

Lesley Johnson

Spanish Fork Junior High (Utah) paraeducator Lesley Johnson was recently named the Nebo School District's Secondary Resource Paraeducator of the Year. From the article:

"I feel like I can't do my job without her," said Spanish Fork Junior High teacher Katrina Davenport. "She's so dedicated and devoted to helping people." Johnson said she's had students refer to her as "Mom." She said they've called out, "Hi Mom!" in the hallways.

Paraeducator and others honored



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Paraprofessional's Job Protection

I am an Inclusion Paraprofessional who works at a Junior High School in Louisiana.

I have been in the system (at the same school) for several years and was always treated with respect by my superiors and given the privilege of a break everyday . However, at the beginning of this school year I was surprised with a new schedule. "No more breaks".Needless to say, my work begins at 7:10 AM and finishes at 3:00P.M.  Out of the five days work I get two lunch breaks, meaning that three days a week I am not given time to stop and eat for a single moment.

Is that even a human treatment. Is that allowed under the US Constitution. There are over 50 employees in my school and only 3 of us, who happen to be Inclusion Paras do not get a break.


Please help!!!!