2013 NRCP National Conference in Salt Lake City Review

Thanks to all who attended our 2013 NRC Paraeducator Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. We had some amazing Welcome and Keynote Speakers as well as great break-out sessions. Participants provided very positive feedback and felt that their time was well spent. Further, they commented on taking away valuable information that could be implemented and … Read more


Ever wondered who else is looking into the NRCP website?  We have visitors from over 160 countries!  Check out the complete list: United States United Kingdom Canada Ukraine Russia India Turkey Philippines Australia Germany Kazakhstan Saudi Arabia Iran Belarus Bulgaria Netherlands China Sweden Ireland Moldova Mexico Portugal France Senegal Israel Spain Norway Romania Malaysia Belgium … Read more

HOT TOPIC – The Distinction in Roles of Paraeducators and Teachers

The Distinction in Roles of Paraeducators and Teachers By Doug Van Oort Education Faculty and Paraeducator Certification Coordinator, Kirkwood Community College Maria, who has her high school diploma and recently acquired her Iowa Level I paraeducator certification by taking six college credits, is starting her 17th year as a paraeducator and is highly regarded by … Read more

Break-Out Sessions

We are currently accepting Call For Papers for our 2013 conference. Please visit the Call for Papers section under the Conference tab.   LAST YEAR’S BREAK-OUT SESSIONS: A Toolbox Full of Essentials Needed for a Sucessful Mentor Program Kristen Heiser Assisting with Early Literacy Instruction Ana Pomar, Betty Ashbaker Building Working Relationships as an Effective … Read more

Survey Results on Paraeducator Training, Part 2

In part 1 of our review of the paraeducator training results we went over how many of you have paraeducator training in your state or district and who provides that training. Here are the rest of the results from the survey: How many hours of paraeducator training are available per year? 36.3% of survey respondents … Read more

Survey Results on Paraeducator Training, Part 1

First of all, thank you to everyone who filled out the survey on paraeducator training in our recent newsletter! There were lots of responses and we gathered some great data, the first part of that data is summarized below: Do you have paraeducator training in your state? 53.1% Answered Yes 46.9% Answered No Who provides … Read more

What’s in a Name?

By Anna Lou Pickett THE NATIONAL RESOURCE CENTER IS CHANGING ITS NAME.During the latter half of the 20th century, several events took place that led to dramatic changes in our nation’s schools. To address critical shortages in the ranks of licensed teachers that began in the 1950s, a few schools began to employ “teacher aides” … Read more

Para Spotlight: The Dynamic Foursome

Story submitted by Taya Johnson, Behavior Specialist, Davis Special Education Department Do you have a story to share? Ask almost anyone in the Davis School District if they are aware of a team of Paraeducators who appears to have super-human powers for working with behaviorally challenging students and you will be told, “Yes!” The job … Read more

Opening 2011 Conference Keynote from Marilyn Likins and Gina R. Scala

Keyed In, Logged On, Charged Up! Paraprofessionals Connecting with 21st Century Learners The conference started off this morning with the opening keynote address from Marilyn Likins and Gina R. Scala. Gina talked about knewly revised Knowledge & Skill Standards for Paraprofessionals from CEC (coming soon) and the importance of being involved in legislative issues. Gina challenged … Read more