New Info for School Staff Vaccination Program

OSERS would like to share this earlier post from the U.S. Department of Education regarding the School Staff Vaccination Program.March 9, 2021Dear Educators,On March 2, 2021, President Biden challenged all states, territories, and the District of Columbia to ensure every pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade (pre-K through 12) educator and school staff member and every childcare worker … Read more

ESSA and Implications for Paraeducators: Questions & Answers regarding ESSA’s Impact on Paraeducators

Interview by Wangui Njuguna, Education Daily with Marilyn Likins, Executive Director, National Resource Center for Paraeducators. Q: In your role as executive director for the National Resource Center for Paraeducators what do you hear from paraeducators about the supports they need in schools? A: Paraeducators need to have a thorough understanding of their roles and … Read more

HOT TOPIC: The Seven R’s of Behavior: Dealing with Misbehavior Made Easy! (OK, easier)

The Seven R’s of Behavior: Dealing with Misbehavior Made Easy! (OK, easier) By Doug Van Oort, Assistant Professor, Kirkwood Community College (2008, revised 2010) Anyone who’s worked in a school knows that dealing with challenging student behaviors can be, well, very challenging. Nationally, nearly 50% of new teachers leave teaching within the first five years … Read more

Council for Exceptional Children (CEC): The Voice and Vision of Special Education

CEC is the leading voice for special and gifted education. Through the vision and dedication of more than 30,000 members, CEC sets the standard for high quality education for children and youth with exceptionalities. The Council ensures the needs of children and youth with exceptionalities are met in educational legislation, establishes professional standards for the … Read more

Preparing Paraeducators & Education Majors Together in College

Preparing Paraeducators & Education Majors Together in College Doug Van Oort, Paraeducator Certification Coordinator & Education Careers Faculty Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, IA Imagine actors in a play practicing their roles individually but never rehearsing together prior to opening night. Or, imagine the quarterback, backs, receivers, and linemen on a football team never practicing … Read more

LAUSD Career Ladder and the Apprentice Teacher Program

Article by Steve Brandick Paraprofessionals make great teachers! That was just an assumption back in 1994 when the Los Angeles Unified School District Paraeducator Career Ladder was established. It is now fact. The program began as a union and management collaborative intended to improve the economic situation of low-income employees while developing a pool of … Read more


Ever wondered who else is looking into the NRCP website?  We have visitors from over 160 countries!  Check out the complete list: United States United Kingdom Canada Ukraine Russia India Turkey Philippines Australia Germany Kazakhstan Saudi Arabia Iran Belarus Bulgaria Netherlands China Sweden Ireland Moldova Mexico Portugal France Senegal Israel Spain Norway Romania Malaysia Belgium … Read more

HOT TOPIC – The Distinction in Roles of Paraeducators and Teachers

The Distinction in Roles of Paraeducators and Teachers By Doug Van Oort Education Faculty and Paraeducator Certification Coordinator, Kirkwood Community College Maria, who has her high school diploma and recently acquired her Iowa Level I paraeducator certification by taking six college credits, is starting her 17th year as a paraeducator and is highly regarded by … Read more

Survey Results on Paraeducator Training, Part 2

In part 1 of our review of the paraeducator training results we went over how many of you have paraeducator training in your state or district and who provides that training. Here are the rest of the results from the survey: How many hours of paraeducator training are available per year? 36.3% of survey respondents … Read more