What’s in a Name?

By Anna Lou Pickett THE NATIONAL RESOURCE CENTER IS CHANGING ITS NAME.During the latter half of the 20th century, several events took place that led to dramatic changes in our nation’s schools. To address critical shortages in the ranks of licensed teachers that began in the 1950s, a few schools began to employ “teacher aides” … Read more

Back to School Special

We recently came across a couple of stressful accounts from paras of their first day back from school: I’m a paraeducator for children. Today was our first day. I am praying for patience. Not with the kids. The kids are great. My stress levels are so high after this morning, that I have a horrible … Read more

Educating the Whole Child with 21st Century Skills

Linda Mariotti was our keynote speaker this morning and gave a wonderful presentation titled, “Educating the Whole Child with 21st Century Skills” Educating the Whole Child for the 21st Century She discussed the differences between digital immigrants and digital natives and contrasted the skills of 20th century educators with those needed by 21st century educators. … Read more

Paraeducators in China

Meet Jessica Dai (parent of a child with autism), Larissa Feng (social worker) and Sophie Xie (special educator), pioneers in promoting the important work of paraprofessionals in China. Their presentation was highlight of the State Leadership Meeting last night. They told us about two organizations- the Childrens Palace and the Special Parents Club in Guangzhou … Read more

State Leadership Meeting Review

The conference had begun and last tonight leaders from all over the country and world gathered here in Salt Lake City to discuss successes and challenges in their own states and countries, including three visitors from China. The last half of the meeting was spent going around the room to hear about good things that … Read more