Para Educator of the Year by the National Association for Bilingual Education

Whether her students call her “schoolteacher” or “maestra de escuela,” Josie Guillen will be ready with all the answers to their questions – in either language. Congratulations to Jose Guillen from South Mountain Community College in Phoenix, Arizona who was recently named the Para Educator of the Year by the National Association for Bilingual Education. … Read more

Congratulations to Vermont-NEA Education Support Professional of the Year!

Here is a little bit about Becky Auger from the article: “Becky represents the professionalism and dedication that all educators demonstrate daily in our state’s excellent public schools,” said Vermont-NEA President Angelo Dorta. “I and the members of Vermont-NEA are extremely proud of her achievement.” Auger is one of three paraeducators who lead the school’s … Read more

Michelle Auger is the Paraprofessional of the Year at Richmond Hill Elementary School

Michelle Auger was recently awarded the Paraprofessional of the Year award at Richmond Hill Elementary School, an award voted on by her peers. Her husband Tim said this about her: “I think she really deserves this,” he said. “I know, on the home front, we couldn’t run the household without her. She loves her job. … Read more

Meet Jean, a Paraprofessional

Northwestern University has put a number of videos on YouTube about students who are taking their online classes. One of the videos is about Jean who is a paraprofessional for a special needs preschool program. She discusses her work as a paraprofessional and her family life. While the video may be an advertisement for the … Read more

A Mother’s Perspective on the Paraeducator of her Daughter with Autism

This article begins with a general overview of autism and how prevalent it has become. history of autism is the state of Vermont. From there, the article describes the experiences of two different mothers of children with autism and goes over some of the difficulties that they face.

One mother explains the transition that she went through in her attitude towards her daughter’s paraeducator:

The Busy Life of One Paraeducator

A paraprofessional blogger and mother of three who has decided to go back to school writes about a typical day. Here is just a part of her day as she describes it:

Every weekday I get up around 5:15 am to do a paper route, then get ready for work, try to connect with my 16-year-old son before school, and arrive at work by 7:30 am. I spent the day as a Paraprofessional with Kindergartners through second graders working with the Early Intervention Reading program…

Why I Love My Job as a Paraeducator

The Pittsburgh Morning Sun recently held a ‘Why I Love My Job’ contest and a paraeducator was one of the entries:

My name is Luci Sullivan. I am an Occupational and Physical Therapy Paraeducator for children with special needs.

I love my job and think my job is the best job in town.

I am fortunate to work with children and a great team of professionals, administrators, teachers, and paraeducators whose mission is that each child reaches their maximum independence and achieve satisfying and fulfilling lifestyles…

Two Paraeducators Begin Their New Jobs

First, from the madmommy blog, a mother returning to work as a paraeducator:

And where, might you ask, am I working? I’m going back to a job I had before the munchkin was born; paraeducator for special ed kids. This time I’ll be working in a high school environment. I’m a little nervous, as it’s been two years, and back then I worked with younger kids, but I enjoy the job. We had our orientation today and I must say I feel very psyched to go “back to school”.