Great Feedback from the Central Regional Conference!

Over 60 participants from 9 States registered for our Central Regional conference, held December 8th -9th. When asked what they enjoyed most about the conference, participants responded with:

“Overall, I enjoyed all the topics of the conference.”

“The laughing yoga”

“I found Matthew Wappett’s presentation on stress and laughter to be very engaging, informative, and enjoyable.”

“Jo Mascorro was my favorite speaker! Her enthusiasm made it very easy to stay focused. I have worked with one on one and behavior focused students for years and I think this conference hit correct strategies right on the head. It takes a different mindset than discipline and control and ways to approach hard situations was really broken down. I wish everyone in the school could watch it!”

“Leadership Meeting and being able to discuss with other paras”

“Getting new information about helping students learn and progress.”

“The quality of the presentations.”

“I enjoyed listening to what everyone had to say about how to deal with situations”

I really enjoyed Mathew Wappett and his segment on neurobiology and stress management.”

“Controlling yourself is the most important technique and laugh as much as possible.”

“Knowing that we all share the same struggles and I’m not alone”

“I thoroughly liked the Conference, especially the first day with being able to discuss things about the topic, very engaging!”

“The presenters, the handouts, being able to respond via chat”

“Learning strategies that I can use in the classroom in order to support my students”

“I enjoyed the conference. I liked to listen to all of the others’ issues & ways to resolve challenges. I liked the speakers input as to what to do to help solve.”

“Honestly, I enjoyed all of it and learned a lot.”

“I enjoyed learning new ways to get the students attention and making sure they understand, also ways to deal with stress and building a good team!”

“Information that can be used not only in classroom but also at home.”

“I enjoyed Jo’s presentation. It came across very nice and I will be using a lot of her examples in the classroom.”

“Obtaining different strategies that I can apply to my daily job.”

“I enjoy learning different strategies it’s always helpful”

“The presenters were engaging.”

“I thought the Conference was well put together and the topics were well thought out!”

The Eastern Regional Conference is just around the corner in January! Now is the time to sign up. Don’t miss out!

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