Great Turnout for NRCP Western Regional Conference!

Over 225 participants from 16 States registered for our Western Regional conference, held October 26-28th and we have been getting excellent feedback including:

“The conference was exceptional and has offered me more opportunities to better serve my kids. I will be working on my team skills as well as my personal health and abilities. I’m going to try to be a better laugher and use it to brighten the day! I’m going to do my best to create “positive learning experiences” every day with my students. Thank you so much again for all of this valuable information!!”

“Reinforcing what I have already been doing. The conference was very informative also it built on what I knew. I feel stronger and more confident in myself.”

“The variety of topics and how my paras really enjoyed being recognized for how important they are from someone other than me.”

“I really loved Jo’s presentation. I loved hearing that we are the “glue”

“Good reminder of information for us who worked for years and a great reminder to laugh and have fun on the job.”

“Paraeducator-focused, supportive and safe space for staff who hold similar positions. All presenters promoted the value of a paraeducator”

“The information about how the brain works when it’s under stress IT WAS AMAZING! Very good tips/pointers that can be used.”

“Opened my eyes up to see other viewpoints, absolutely loved this conference”

“I appreciated that I became more aware of my attitude and how to use strategies for a better outcome in the classroom.”

“The information I received. The fact that all the presenters validated Paraeducators.”

“That we as paras are wanted, needed and appreciated. The validation, while being given new and better ways to perform my job.”

The Central Regional Conference is just 34 days away! Now is the time to sign up. Don’t miss out!

Register Here:

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  1. This sounds great. I will be seeking information for next year. The program in which work is a group of charter schools and we do both in classroom and distance learning using para education.


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