Regional Paraeducator Virtual Conference Sessions

Our upcoming Regional Conferences will highlight four amazing sessions with outstanding presenters. We hope you are all excited for the three Regional Conferences to be held in October, December and January. Check here for dates and registration links:

Session 1: NO! DON’T! STOP! … So How Exactly is That Working for You?

“Says and Dos” That Enhance Social-Emotional Development While Attempting to Respond to Challenging Behavior Demonstrations

Presented by: Jo Mascorro, M.Ed.

Detailed Description: Frustrated?  Do you believe you’ve tried EVERYTHING, and it feels like NOTHING works when trying to respond to escalating behaviors that interfere with learning/teaching? This presentation will provide proactive “Says and Dos” that enhance social-emotional development strategies and TEACH ownership and accountability of one’s behavior while keeping in MIND how the human brain learns. Techniques will emphasize enhancing your present instructional strategies and intervention practices.

Session 2: Managing Life with Laughter: The Effects of Stress and How to Manage it Effectively

Presented by: Matthew Wappett, Ph.D

Detailed Description: This interactive session will review the most recent science on the biological, psychological, and social impacts of chronic stress and will introduce the science and practice of laughter yoga. This session will engage participants in a short laughter “practice” and will provide several short, simple self-care strategies that participants can use to manage stress and promote mental health in their personal lives.

Session 3: Making an Unmistakable Impact Through Effective Instructional Practices

Presented by: Jeri Rigby, M.Ed.

Detailed Description: Learn how to make an unmistakable impact with your students by implementing effective instructional practices. Participants in this session will acquire skills that involve a strong instructional program and active teacher/paraeducator involvement with ALL students in ALL phases of the instructional process.

Session 4: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work:  Building Effective Teacher/Paraeducator Teams!

Presented by: Marilyn Likins, Ph.D. & Deb Andrews, M.S.

Detailed Description: Winning teams don’t just happen!  You must build them! To be successful, a teacher and paraeducator must become partners in the process of educating students. Each team member has a vital role to play in supporting the social/emotional and learning outcomes of students. During this session, we will focus on the roles of team member(s), those who lead and those who support, recognizing the critical contribution of each member. What does it take to build an effective team? Often, it is easier said than done! We will discuss tools to construct an effective team including boosting communication skills, nailing down problem-solving, constructing goals, structuring time management, and strategies to shore up a team to make it positive, productive and sturdy. Participants will have an opportunity to assess their own contributions to team success and identify 1-2 key things that could be done to improve their team’s performance.

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