Survey Results on Paraeducator Training, Part 2

In part 1 of our review of the paraeducator training results we went over how many of you have paraeducator training in your state or district and who provides that training. Here are the rest of the results from the survey:

How many hours of paraeducator training are available per year?

  • 36.3% of survey respondents receive only 1-5 hours of training.
  • 11.3% receive 6-10 hours of training,
  • 8.8% receive 11-15 hours of training,
  • 15% receive 15-20 hours of training, and
  • 28.8% receive more than 20 hours of training.

When asked about the topics of paraeducator training we received the following responses:

  • 52.9% on Orientation,
  • 72.1% on Classroom Managment,
  • 61.8% on Reading, Writing, Mathematics,
  • 77.9% on Roles and Responsibilities, and
  • 50% on Teaming.

In the other category responses included first aid, safety, disability specific training (autism specifically) and technology.

Is credit (university/community college) or a certificate of completion provided when training is completed?

On this question 39.4% of you answered Yes and 60.6% answered No.

What credit (university/community college) or a certificate of completion is provided?

This question was open ended and the primary response was a certificate of completion.

Thanks again to everyone who filled out the survey, stay tuned for another one in our next newsletter.

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