A Core Curriculum and Training Program to Prepare Paraeducators to Work in Learners Who Have Limited English Proficiency

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ERIC Abstract

These instructional materials are designed to improve the performance of paraeducators working in inclusive classrooms servicing school age students with limited English proficiency. The competency-based program helps participants to learn skills they can apply immediately, to accept new practices, and to increase their understanding of education issues. The modules cover: (1) strengthening the teacher and paraeducator team, paraeducator roles and responsibilities, communication and problem solving; (2) the philosophy of diversity; (3) principles of human development and factors that may impede typical human development; (4) the instructional process (language development, second language acquisition, the individualized education and family programs, assessment, data collection, goals and objectives, instructional interventions, and strategies for one-to-one instruction and reinforcing lessons); and (5) working with culturally diverse children and youth and their families. The format for the instructional modules includes: instructional objectives, time required, equipment and resources required, suggested training activities and exercises, background information for the trainer, and handouts and transparencies. Training procedures involve small group discussions, brainstorming, problem solving, case studies, and role plays. (References accompany each module.)