Paraeducator Bibliography

NRCP Paraeducator Training Resources, Administrative Guidelines, and Personnel Preparation Models Bibliography

An Annotated Bibliography 1991-1999
Edited by Andrew J. Humm and Anna Lou Pickett


In recent years, there has been an explosion of materials on and for paraeducators. The National Resource Center for Paraeducator in Education and Related Services has been compiling these resources into bibliographies for twenty years. To prepare this latest edition of materials from 1991 to 1999, we culled through hundreds of publications. These resources can be of use to educators, trainers, administrators, parents and other caregivers, and paraeducators themselves.

We gratefully acknowledge the permission of the ERIC system to cite bibliographical entries from their database. Many of the items cite ERIC numbers for those seeking access to the full documents via their system.

*Developed through a grant (H029K970088-98) from the Division of Personnel Preparation, OSEP. Please acknowledge the source of the material.

This bibliography is divided into six sections, many of which overlap: