Utah Paraeducator Behavior Summit (U-PBS)

Achieving your school’s learning mission during these uncharted times requires a lot of things to go right. All too often, what frequently goes wrong is student behavior. Instructional teams report significant loss of learning due to students challenging behaviors. Increasingly, paraeducators are assisting teachers in supporting the behavior of individual students so they can learn. Clearly, the need for behavioral training for paraeducators is critical but often overlooked.

The NRCP and the TAESE Center are teamed up to deliver a live, virtual three-day U-PBS Summit that targeted as its primary audience paraeducators who are employed in all Utah school districts. The Summit provided in-depth training in positive behavior supports and critical behavioral intervention skills to paraeducators and their supervising teachers In early summer. Two booster sessions in the Fall will be offered to all participants using Zoom technology.