What colleges/universities can you receive a paraeducatorl certificate from?

What colleges/universities can you receive a paraeducator certificate from?

Several 2-year colleges offer courses related to the role of a paraeducator. Some lead to a certificate or a 2-year degree and diploma (AA, AAS, etc.). Since these programs vary greatly from state to state, we suggest that you contact your state department of education or the state office heading the 2-year higher education programs in your state. You might use the Internet and search for such offices that will provide you information related to your question. Additionally, you could post a message to the regional discussions section of our message board for your specific state and someone from your state could provide you with suggestions.


ParaPro Exam

I studied Elem Ed for 2 and a half yrs at a 4 yr college. Would I have to take courses to become a paraprofessional or could I just take the exam?

Contact your School District!

You should just contact the state in which you live. And take the Paraprofessional Assesment. And then after that. They should issue you a valid Parapro Certificate! Normally, you have to already been given a Parapro position in your local school district, and then your school board of education will apply for the certificate for you. After you take the required exams! You should recieve your certification to Asst. Teach. The requirement is eaither a GED, High School Diploma, Some college education, or a 2-4 Yr Degree. You seem to have all of those things so you'll be fine!


Before I got hired by the NYC DOE I was enrolled in the teacher aid certification program at Penn Foster. Will my certification be approve by the NYC DOE?