Part Two Introduction

Administrators in SEAs and LEAs are confronted with many challenges as they continue their efforts to achieve higher performance standards for all learners. One of the most important strategies for meeting these challenges includes: 1) developing standards for paraeducator roles, preparation and supervision, and 2) embedding the standards in state rules or regulatory procedures. Incorporating the standards into the rules and procedures will ensure the creation and maintenance of infrastructures for delivering competency based paraeducator training and career advancement. Central to strengthening the performance of instructional teams is the need to prepare teachers to supervise and work effectively with paraeducators. To accomplish these goals, SEAs and LEAs must work in partnership with IHEs and other stakeholders. Establishing and nurturing these partnerships takes time and commitment. It is therefore, important for all partners to be willing to stay the course and complete the process of developing the standards and systems to strengthen the performance of teacher and paraeducator teams.