Paraspotlight March 2013 Ms. Desha Casey

Submitted by Cory Haley, Panorama Elementary,Temple Hills, MD

It gives me great pleasure to highlight Ms. Desha Casey as an Outstanding Paraeducator. She is a young woman who brings with her a strong academic background, innovative professional qualities and is an accomplished educator.

Para Spotlight: Ryan Black

Sent in by: Sharon Oberne, First Grade Teacher, Willoughby Elementary School For the past ten years, I was a literacy specialist working with small groups. Due to budget cuts, I was placed back in the classroom as a first grade inclusion teacher. It was Ryan Black, a special educational assistant, who provided a helping hand. … Read more

Para Spotlight: The Dynamic Foursome

Story submitted by Taya Johnson, Behavior Specialist, Davis Special Education Department Do you have a story to share? Ask almost anyone in the Davis School District if they are aware of a team of Paraeducators who appears to have super-human powers for working with behaviorally challenging students and you will be told, “Yes!” The job … Read more

Utah Paraeducator Honored

Spanish Fork Junior High (Utah) paraeducator Lesley Johnson was recently named the Nebo School District’s Secondary Resource Paraeducator of the Year. From the article: “I feel like I can’t do my job without her,” said Spanish Fork Junior High teacher Katrina Davenport. “She’s so dedicated and devoted to helping people.” Johnson said she’s had students … Read more

Paraprofessional Thank you

I missed this when it was posted back in May, but it is good enough that it is still worth sharing. Below is a blog post where a kind teacher takes the time to publicly thank her two paraprofessionals at the end of the school year:

I am dedicating this blog post to my two Para-Professionals that I work with, Mrs. Rogers and Mr. Nelson. Both have made my year spectacular and I truly mean that I could not have made it without them.

Betty Montgomery

Betty Montgomery, Staff Development Specialist and Executive Vice-President of the SEIU Local 500 discusses paraprofessionals and why she enjoys attending the National Resource Center for Paraprofessionals Conference: Thanks Betty! 2009 Conference Information

Paraeducator on Survivor

If you are looking for someone to cheer for on the television show Survivor this season, consider throwing your support behind Susie Smith. Her official bio lists her occupation as a hairdresser, but in an article titled, ‘Survivor’ mom back in Iowa from Gabon we learn that Susie is a paraeducator in a resource room … Read more

Teacher Assistant Nominated for State Award

From Ocala, Florida, a well done article on Katrina Lamar, a 24-year veteran teacher assistant who was selected as Marion County’s School-Related Person of the Year. From Superintendent of Schools Jim Yancey: “In addition to her family and professional commitments, and as a breast cancer survivor, she helps counsel others facing difficult times with this … Read more