Free Paraeducator Training

You may have heard of Project PARA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a no-cost self-study program paraeducators and a second program for teachers who supervise paraeducators. However, you may not yet have heard about the latest update to the Paraeducator Self Study Program.

As noted on their project history page, the project has been around in one form or another since 1993 and this is only the latest in “a series of efforts to provide options for preservice training for paraeducators in school settings”. While it is possible go through both the old and the programs on your own, the training is designed to be done with the support of an instructor provided by your local school or district.

3 thoughts on “Free Paraeducator Training”

  1. I am Catherine Rains. I am a paraeducator in the Quincy, IL school district 172. I am very interested in continuing my learning as a paraeducator. How do I get started?

    • Hey Catherine!

      I would look at this page which talks about paraeducator license requirements and where you can receive the training in Illinois: In the future our site will have a page where you can view training available from every state but that is a work in process.



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