Words of Wisdom from Anna Lou Pickett

We have a number of videos from the 2008 National Conference that we will be sharing in the next few weeks. To begin with, here is a short 2-minute clip of Ann Lou Pickett, the founder of the National Resources Center for Paraprofessionals. Anna Lou shares how she became interested in paraprofesssionals, some of the … Read more

More Conference Presentations

Here are three more presentations from our recent National Conference: Paraprofessionals Fueling Change Dr. Ashley Molloy Building Foundations for Para-professionalism Ann Birch, Dr. Jill Morgan Paraprofessionals As Certified Educators Pamela O. Brucker, Southern Connecticut State University and Dana Corriveau, Connecticut State Department of Education

NRCP Website- What is Available, Where we are Going and How it Can Help You Presentation

Here is another presentation from today- this one goes through each of the sections of our website and gives a little bit of insight into some of the projects we are planning on working on in the coming months. Enjoy! | View | Upload your own Facebook page for the National Resource Center for Paraprofessionals … Read more

Henrico Prioritizes Pay Raises for Instructional Aides

More than 40 instructional aides from schools across Henrico County attended last night’s public hearing on the district’s proposed 2008-09 budget. Their message was clear: Instructional aides should make at least half the salary of teachers. One parent from the school district understands the importance of paraprofessionals: Caroline Nelson, a Henrico parent, called these workers … Read more

Paraprofessional Awareness in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania

From Pennsylvania, a news story about paraprofessionals involved in a contract negotiations. Paraprofessionals from the Bethel Park School District recently attended a school board meeting to help those present better understand their work. Jan Sterrett, president of the paraprofessional union said:

We believe that there are some misperceptions and misconceptions in our school board about what we do… They think we come in and babysit children all day long.

Paraprofessionals and Teachers Work Together as a Team for the Benefit of Students

Elona Hartjes has written a wonderful post about the importance of paraeducators in her classroom titled, Paraprofessionals and Teachers Work Together as a Team for the Benefit of Students. From her opening paragraph: I’ve been really fortunate to have worked with some wonderful paraprofessionals at different times in my teaching career. These men and women … Read more

Why I Love My Job as a Paraeducator

The Pittsburgh Morning Sun recently held a ‘Why I Love My Job’ contest and a paraeducator was one of the entries:

My name is Luci Sullivan. I am an Occupational and Physical Therapy Paraeducator for children with special needs.

I love my job and think my job is the best job in town.

I am fortunate to work with children and a great team of professionals, administrators, teachers, and paraeducators whose mission is that each child reaches their maximum independence and achieve satisfying and fulfilling lifestyles…

State by State Paraprofessional Resources

We are excited to officially announce a project that we have been working on for many months- a collection of online paraprofessional resources from each of the 50 US States. Stop by to see what paraprofessional resources are available from your state and let us know if we are missing anything. We are working to … Read more